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📕 Primary researcher & in-house editor for The Coddling of the American Mind by Greg Lukianoff & Jonathan Haidt. 📩 Newsletter: 💫 “Free Mind Clubscribers” private club for paid substack subscribers. 🌎 Enjoying my conversations? Clubhouse has added “send money at the bottom of my profile. (Not at all necessary but greatly appreciated.) 🍃Join the HABITS OF A FREE MIND™ club: A toolkit for engaging across lines of difference without feeling traumatized and without dehumanizing ideological opponents. @habitsfreemind on Twitter ⭕️ Join THE UNCANCEL CLUB: a place for creating a culture of productive disagreement in our hyperpolarized era. 📘Creator of “A Year of Kindness” (a guided Journal) 😃 Former Happiness expert (Flow with Csikszentmihalyi) 🔐 Leadership Development (formerly taught at USAFA) 👤 Leadership Consulting. (Not currently taking new clients.) 🔥 Free Speech Advocate (formerly 📰 Media critic. (google: “Politico NYT Outrage Mob.”) 💻 Senior Scholar: NCRI 🎓 Visiting Sr Rsrch Assoc: SIFK at UChicago 🪢 Director: Aspen Center for Human Development 📝 Writer, Psychology Today: ✡️ Contributor: 💕 Unofficial Yenta 🧿 Psychologist (PhD in Psychology & Human Development; MA in Clinical Psychology; BA in Anthropology) ❓What makes YOUR life worth living? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 📱Not really on Instagram — don’t understand how to use it. (Don’t use LinkedIn either. And I’m barely on Facebook.)