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Papi Di4bL0




Cee/Cim/Cir, They/Them, Dude/Homie 🪶#FeathersUp 🪶 Consummate Goth GentleThem. Daddi/Rigger. Intersex. 🏳️‍⚧️ TransMasc Elder. WitchDoktor. 🏳️‍🌈 IndigeQueer. Grief Doula. HSP. Polymath. Wordsmith. ”Naked Rainbows in the Dark, Vol. 1” 📕 ON AMAZON. -✳️Creator of Primal. Poetry. Palace. -✳️ in various spaces, mainly kink. ☢️*My presence is not endorsement of a space.*☢️ Ordained Metaphysician. 🙏🏽🖤💜🖤💜 If you like My art/poetry/contributions, or just want to bless Me, click “Send Money”👌🏽✨ Or... Visit the link in My IG bio for My other payment options, socials or to book Me. Thanks! 💖✨🤘🏽 I Speak/Do/Dig: Music Production, Art, Poetry, Erotica, Spoken Word, Kink, BDSM (w/ F.R.I.E.S.), Leather, Consent Culture, Goth Shyt, Alt life, ENM/Solo Poly/Relationship Anarchy, Tantra, Breathwork, Sacred Sexuality, Sex/Pleasure Education, SW, Ecstatic Movement (Dance), Tribal BellyDance, Shamanism, Divine Androgyny, Intersexuality, GenderQueerness, Psychology, NeuroDeviance (Dyspraxic Autie w/ADHD), Narcissistic Abuse Recovery, CPTSD Recovery, Conscious Parenting, Paganism, Magick, Occult Sciences, Astrology, Chaldean Numerology, Tarot, Divination, Spirituality, Shadowwork, Ancestral Healing, Hypnotherapy, Psychedelic Integration, Psychonaut, Sound Healing/Therapy, Bowls, Cannabis Activism, Foodie Culture, Food Justice, Sustainability, Sovereignty, Genealogy, Genotypes, BIPOC, Holistic/Plant Medicine. 🐆 Spirit. Come explore the dark side with Me. There’s cookies here. 😏 One 1/2 of D.A.Boogie X Papi Di4bL0 (Diablo) ***NEW ALBUM:*** “Beatin’ Dat Azz, Part XXX: Whispers in the Dark” on all streaming platforms!! ***Our SoundCloud:*** Https:// Published Poet/Spoken Word Artist Heard/Seen on: Poetically Spoken (BTR) Blog Talk Radio Love Healers, Inc. Former pen names: WitchDoktor CC (Yes. Ph.D) CCLayla AKA TheBiLinguist ♉️☀️ ♌️🌙 ♐️ ⤴️ 🔢Life Path: 33 ♾️HD: 1/3 Projector. I’m a quirky, Goth, Melanated, Primal/Sensual Daddi, blurring the lines of gender, connecting with like minds, healing generational wounds, advocating, motivating, officiating, educating, celebrating life, “arting”, and making music. Pro-Heaux. Pro-Trans. Pro-Pleasure. Period. ⛓🖤BIG D SECURITY MANAGEMENT🖤⛓ ⛓🖤Professor of Primal Relations🖤⛓ NJ made, CA raised, VA is bae. #Niiji. Turtle Island 4Life. Mvskogee(Creek)/AniYunWiYa(Eastern Cherokee)/BlackFoot. Mitkuye Oyasin. 🙏🏽✨ FetLife: Papi_Di4bL0 (1 of 3 founders of 757Spectrum in VA)