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Pamela Samuelson



friends Pleasure activist. Edgewitch. Somatics nerd. Your secrets are safe with me. She/they. πŸŒ• Somatic sex ed for all bodies, orientations, destinies & experiences πŸŒ– Sex Ed for Grown Ass People: Take Back The Speculum, Better Than the Birds & Bees, Tending the Well, Healing After Birth, Antlers of the Heart, The Ecstatic Body πŸŒ— Transformational manual therapy, pelvic and breast/chest care, embodiment coaching 🌘 Founder Feminist Health Alliance πŸŒ‘ Full spectrum doula & feminist health advocate. #yourdrworksforyou πŸŒ’ Adrenal Stress Scenario self defense instructor, evangelist, kicker of ass πŸŒ“ Co-founder Crystal Camp πŸŒ” Mother to a wild child πŸŒ• One-take close harmony singer, circus monkey & thaumaturge at large Raised by cats, sluts & sci fi. Cancer 🌞Taurus πŸŒ™ Cancer πŸ’« Living on unceded Tongva/Kizh/Chumash territory//L.A. πŸ”₯ Founder Sex Ed on CH DM me on IG to connect.