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Pamela Hadfield




Hi!, I’m Pamela!⚡️ I’m a 🌱 cannabis & 🍄 psychedelics thought leader, founder + tech entrepreneur. 🌈 My club is called “The BlissCast Show”- please follow! ☄️I host Bliss Cast: Cannabis, Psychedelics & Mindset on Clubhouse - join me @ 9am PST multiple days a week! 👏 💥Founder of Eastra Health the first female-focused psychedelic biotech to address women’s health needs from PMS to menopause. Our goal is develop psychedelic- derived medicine for under addressed health conditions. ✨ I believe psychedelics are the biggest healthcare disruptor of our generation. 💥 Founder of HelloMD Telehealth in cannabis space 💥 Strategic Advisor to Numinus - psychedelics company 💥 100 Most Important Women in Weed 💥 Featured in Rolling Stone as a “Weed Warrior”, Forbes , NY Times, Tech Crunch, Vogue, Elle magazine, Now This, CBS News... 💥 Event planner of Kim K’s CBD baby shower 🍼 💥 Featured in best-selling book Roadmaps for Revolutionaries (Random House) 💥Lover of Life! ❤️ Founder of 🍀 HelloMD, a digital healthcare platform for cannabis oriented Telehealth & 🌷✨ Mover and shaker in psychedelic space and conversation 🌈. ⚡️HelloMD offers telehealth for cannabis medical cards in: New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania and throughout Canada ⚡️ I believe 🌱medical marijuana and psychedelics offer a pathway for better mental and physical health; helping to create optimal wellness of body, mind, and soul. 🌸 But, a positive mindset is needed to bake the cake 🎂! I started HelloMD because I believe everyone should have access to medical marijuana. Since our start we’ve seen 100’s of thousands of patients on our platform. 🎊 I’m now an advocate for cannabis and 🍄 psychedelics. Psychedelics are the new frontier for better mental healthcare. I believe it’s the biggest mental healthcare disruptor of our generation. 🌱C21H3002 The world is changing! Contact me... 💥 ⚡️Passionate in Driving Non Traditional Health & Wellness Solutions for Alll My linkedin: look up /PamelaHadfield 🙂 🌟 Love thru hiking- walked the JMT 🌟 Yogi 🌟 Kiteboarder 🌟 Snowboarder 🌟 Dog lover 🌟 Mom to 3 girls ⚡️GLITTER IS A STRATEGY!⚡️ Pro athletes/NFL and cannabis a short film (search): Ryan McBean Who’s Keeping Score by HelloMD on YouTube!