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Mixed-media artist creating digital and physical paintings from images of cells under the microscope and graffiti. I ❤️ to paint large scale murals from my digital work. Veterinary Nurse-Integrative Holistic Medicine ICU Nurse -Veterinary Neurology Painting is my forte🖼 🎨, geometric polyhedrons, the Piano, cells and animals-my passion. 🎹🐕 NFTs. 🖼🎨 🔗 🎨What I’m about: A great deal of my work speaks to the idea of creating beauty from things unseen or undesired. I use images from cells and bacteria viewed under the microscope and layer them with my own 2d paintings as well as samples of street grafitti. If the cell is defined as the smallest structural and functional unit of life, my work then deals with the many layers of life. As Kahlil Gibran states: “Art arises when the secret vision of the artist and the manifestation of nature agree to find new shapes.” Sacred geometry, metaphysics, love and transformation are some of the themes in my work and I weave the many layers in and out harmonically to create color, form, line and texture to convey emotion. My goal is to create beauty in an otherwise forgotten facet or idea. Links↙️ 🖼🌸🧫🔬🔆🎨↘️