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Russell Cooper




Packaging Scientist that talks about the visual, structural, functional, and post-use aspects of Packaging. πŸ§ƒπŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬ I’m here to learn and help people make considerate packaging decisions. ______Hello______ ♦️Application development leader at a global packaging company where we make packaging better through material science. I have developed rigid, flexible, and durable packaging solutions for a variety of CPG applications 🌐 Joined CH to connect with people and communities that contribute to the synthesis of packaging systems throughout packaging value chains...Including, but not limited to: Packaging Scientists | Brand Builders | CPG Founders | Marketers | Packaging Designers | Graphic Designers | Packaging Suppliers | Retailers | Fellow Post-Use and Circularity Nerds ______Interests______ πŸ“ Packaging Design πŸͺ† Packaging Systems ☯️ Package-Product Interactions βš™οΈ Packaging Technology πŸ”¬ Material Science ✨ Brand πŸ’­ Qualitative Research πŸ“¦ DTC πŸ—£ Brand and Founder Stories 🎨 Graphic Communications πŸ–¨οΈ Printing 🌍 Sustainability ♻️ Recycling πŸ” Refill and Reuse Programs βž— Biodegradation πŸš€ Product Development πŸ’» E-commerce πŸ‘£ Customer Journey 🎭 Customer Experience πŸ§ƒ CPG 🌱 Nutrition ⛓️ Supply Chains and Demand Chains πŸ›οΈ Retail πŸ›’ Grocery πŸ‘€ Merchandising ______Details______ πŸŽ“ Clemson Packaging Science πŸ…