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Belinda Rosenblum




Driven online women entrepreneurs take control of their cash flow and profits so they can enjoy the freedom they started their business for in the first place and pay themselves consistently.  Get your 1099 template here (for free!): HTTPS:// After 14 years leading and almost 30 years in finance, Belinda understands that the key to real financial success and profitability isn't in working harder, manifesting better, or even in more revenue. It's in creating real Cash Clarity where your emotions, tactics, and strategy all align with how you want to do business.  I also coauthored SELF-WORTH TO NET WORTH: 12 Keys To Creating Wealth Inside And Out, and became a self-made millionaire at 33. I believe money management + entrepreneurship can be fun and provide true lifestyle freedom — after all, isn’t that why we got into business? If I’m not inspiring you to be your best self, I’m likely on the Peloton bike, enjoying the sunshine, or chasing after my marathon-running husband, college junior step-daughter, and 2 spirited young kids. Get my “5 Easy Ways To Make More Bank In Your Online Business” if you’re ready to stop leaving money on the table and create more predictable income — download it now (for free!) at: