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Helping your business grow through content strategy, creation & management. Hit my IG to learn how BATCH & I can help you & your business. šŸ‘ Atlanta, GA āž–āž–āž–āž–āž–āž–āž–āž–āž–āž–āž– šŸ§  BATCH The Social Media Assistant, Content Calendar/Scheduler šŸŽØ Create Content šŸ“… Schedule & Publish Content šŸ“ˆ Measure Results ā¬‡ā¬‡ā¬‡ BATCH Licensed & Approved Integrations ā³ Facebook šŸŒˆ Instagram šŸ“ Pinterest šŸ“ŗ YouTube šŸ”Ž Google šŸ¦ Twitter šŸ”— LinkedIn šŸŽØ Canva šŸ’³ Stripe Features: šŸ“‡ Organize your accounts, data, and analytics šŸ“ˆ Publish content, moderate communities, and analyzing analytics with "BATCH." šŸ“Š Generate one-click reports to show all of the core information that matters the most. šŸ“ø Bulk upload media and even create content using a spreadsheet šŸ—“ Weekly Schedule and Drip Schedule - both of these schedules are backed by a queue allowing you to consistently post content to social media. ā™»ļø Recycle Feature - each content item can be recycled or not, allowing you to only recycle your top posts. šŸ“– Multiple Captions - you can add multiple captions to a given content piece making it appear to be a unique post each time it is published to social media.Ā Ā  āœ… View and approve content before it is published to social media. āœ… Automatically adds new content to your content library and even writes 4 captions for you! āœ… Advanced workflow, you can categorize the new content and schedule it out to social media at the optimal time. āœ… BATCH'S auto-importer currently works with RSS feeds and Google Drive.Ā Ā  This includes: šŸ“° Blog Articles šŸ’µ Shopify Stores šŸ“ŗ YouTube Channels Many other sources āœ… Repurposing or recycling social media content is a great way to increase exposure with no additional work. āœ… Each time the content is posted, our system will automatically cycle through the captions. āœ… No Contract & No Obligation āž–āž–āž–āž–āž–āž–āž–āž–āž–āž–āž– I'm Here Provide Value And Get Value šŸ™ŒšŸ½ šŸŒˆ Instagram - @ovfmedia I'm receiving an error message that Instagram is currently fixing. BATCH IG connected below šŸ‘‡šŸ½