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Maurice Gillespie




Poet -Spokenword Artist Songwriter- actor -Videographer- Photographer-Rapper-Producer-Public Speaker Content Creator -Director- Blogger- That’s just what I’m good at 🤯 (Backstory to that is 🤫)I Learned to do them all because I couldn’t Afford to pay everyone to do those things for me!!!hope to finish my First film by winter of 2022!!!”The Gifted “coming soon ( we Are the Party Yung Q x OutDaboxx out Now🤷🏿‍♂️🎥🎬🎤🤘🏿🎭🎟🎨🎧🎷🎻 我的世界纪录!是一个小时后再次发生类似这样做好的事情吧…… Founder Of Beautifully Spoken…Poets Only… And HeathenHouse…. My IG:fresh_ink_reese_ OutDaboxx on all platforms $OutDaBoxx00