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Web3 enthusiast | Progressionist | Historian Notary Ink is the name of my company where notary loan signing and marriage officiating services are provided I love giving back to my love ones first but also the world. I live a life of understanding, acceptance, guidance, advice, encouragement, yes’s, and maybe’s. I’m your motivational speaker Be kind, curious, gentle, strong, and vulnerable Live your own truth I’m known as TomPriceAZ in many spaces and you will quickly find I love film, art, video production, business, science, and technology. I embrace the future and I know it’s thee best time to be alive. My time has been spent in service, leadership, operating, behavior, mental health, security, progression, art, culture, and Web3 🤝Universal Awareness • Truth Seeker✨ @veefriends Meticulous Magpie