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Nigerians on clubhouse need to seek therapeutic help. Everyday drama on this app. You're welcome 😘 Please don't ping me to nonsensical rooms biko. I predominantly answer any ping I receive when I'm online. I hate when I answer a ping, it sends me to either a club I avoid or rooms of people I find uneducated or absolute weirdos are hosting. Please don't ping me to such rooms. My interests are 1.) Igbo nation (history, politics, culture, etc.) 2.) Self Determination 3.) Behavioral and Mental health 4.) Black history, be it Caribbean, African, or Black Americans. Also, Australian Aboriginal history intrigues me. My name is Igbo. My everything is Igbo. My world revolves around Igbo. Yes, I am that obsessed and proud of my ethnic group. You shit on Igbo or Igboland, you're on my shit list for life. I don't fuck with you, so don't expect me to ke ke ha ha with you. When you don't see me for a while on this app, biko, don't ask me where I've been. It gets tiring to answer the same question. Whenever you do not see me, just know I took some breaks to focus on my studies, research, or work. When you see me back here, I am taking a break from either of those. This app takes away too much time I should dedicate to my future; hence, I come and go.