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Omar Liles




Hello everyone I love the many connections here on clubhouse. So let me introduce myself I am the Founder of Agape Love NetworK LLC The Agape Love Network is a mental health ministry that creates spaces for singles and couples that share stories about matters of life, Learning how to manage emotions and to deal with things that are difficult and uncomfortable. Coaching and organizing panels to talk about Mental Health, Dementia, Biblical Counseling, strengthening families & relationships with people. πŸ“ŒBoard Certified Mental Health Coach πŸ“Œ Certificate in Biblical Counseling with Light University-AACC πŸ“ŒCertified Dementia Practitioner πŸ“ŒCertified Montessori Dementia Professional πŸ“Œ Certified Mental Health First Aid from National Council for Mental Well-Being πŸ“ŒNew York Divinity School affiliate of City Vision University with a Master of Religion πŸ“Œ In Training-Disaster Crisis Counseler Certification (in process) πŸ“Œ Founder of Social Media Groups * ATS Black Seminarians * ATS Seminary Doctoral Fellowship * ATS Fellowship * Mental Health Coaching and Counselor's Group via Facebook * Cofounder of Kingdom School of Divinity πŸ“Œ Social Media Mananger New York Divinity School Memberships: Certified By and Report To: πŸ“Œ International Christian Coaching Association πŸ“Œ American Association of Christian Counselors πŸ“Œ National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners πŸ“Œ International Association of Dementia Practititioners πŸ“Œ National Council for Mental Well-Being Author of: πŸ“Œ Agape Love Network Magazine πŸ“Œ Will You Still Love Me? Relationships and Mental Health (co-authored) πŸ“Œ Leading With Love: Relationship Workbook Featured: πŸ“Œ SOS Radio/Podcast πŸ“Œ BamWoman and BamGuy Magazine πŸ“Œ Fruition Magazine πŸ“Œ Truths Table Podcast πŸ“Œ Living Day By Day Magazine News Media Outlets: πŸ“Œ Digital Journal πŸ“Œ Pittsburgh Gazette πŸ“Œ Daily Herald πŸ“Œ Boston Herald πŸ“Œ Local Talk Weekly Newspaper websites: πŸ“Œ Member of King Movement: A Christian Men's Organization to empower men to reach our God-given potential in every realm of life through the power and grace of The Lord Jesus Christ. Favorite podcast: Jude 3 Project and Truth's Table. Ping me in on conversations based on love, relationships, Mental Health, Biblical Counseling, Religion, Faith, Black Church Studies, Spoken Word, Black History, Alzheimer's & Dementia.