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Oluwaseun Akinrinmola,MPH




I help public health professionals monetize their skills and ideas. Connect with me if you are an early career professional in public health. 🇱🇷🇳🇬Houston based. Available to speak on podcasts, seminars ,Clubs,Schools and conferences. About me 👉🏿MPH Health Promotion and Education 👉🏿Consultant 👉🏿Monetization coach for Public health professionals 👉🏿Founder of Lifeteam inc 👉🏿Trello specialist 👉🏿Podcaster 👉🏿Online course creator 🤜I am a public health professional and an entrepreneur on a mission to mentor new public health professionals on how to monetize their skills to get their six figure income 🤜 I help a career driven health care professional transition into entrepreneurship aspect. 🤜 I teach personal development I.e Top productivity tools you need for a successful career in public heath 🤜I have an ebook on Time management for professionals 🤜I have a free guide on how to use trello and I teach you how to use Trello a project management tool for your team work, business binders, product lunching and client on boarding to business owners. 🤜 Send us a mail for CV revamped, interview preparation and Linkedin optimization at [email protected] Join Public-health Coaching Club on Wednesday 6:00pm. Click linktree link on my instagram bio 🙏 Join my public health Coaching group 🙏 Schedule a virtual consultation 🙏 Join my masterclass on productivity tools for professionals 🙏 Subscribe to my Health promotion and Education podcast 🙏Get your public health professionals Machendize On Clubhouse 1. Partnership : Talk to me about public health entrepreneurship, Personal development and mentorship 2. Networking here for sponsorship 3 Collabrate for health education, mentorship and global health discussion Let connect ! 💌 [email protected]