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Jen Daramola




I’m a fun, loving, ADHD creative who enjoys finding humor and beauty in the unknown. Summer and being by the beach are my love languages. Being in nature is not only energizing but refreshing. Random food tours is a way of life. Coffee is a vibe but in small doses. I recently broke up with Dr. Pepper and I’m going steady with sparkling water. Witty one liners is one of my spiritual gifts and I affectionally call them Jen’s Gems. I’ve heard it said, “The whole of your life on earth is going to come down to that tiny little dash.” (Jon Tyson) We only have between the sum of the dashes to make our mark. What’s your story? How are you living the sum between your dashes? 📍Minneapolis, MN (where it all began) 📍Los Angeles, CA 🇳🇬🇺🇸 @bougie_african @car_sermons