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Pamela Johnson




❤️ I’m living proof God is real. So are you. 📌 HOPE: Hold On Pain Ends. 🧬 You’re built to thrive with strength. 🗣 Yell the above to your “Goliaths!” ☠️ Physical death came for me 4 times. ❤️Realistic Empath. 🗣 Stand Speak Serve Support ❤️ I love to talk to people who love to listen and I love to listen to people who love to talk, but… 🤫 I spend long periods of precious quiet time with my Brother, Friend, Counselor, Physician, Mighty Protector and Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 📌 Bio? “What I believe about God is THE most important thing about me” (Tozer). I’m a child of God and grateful to be His humble servant. ✝️Ordained/Licensed Minister 🧳 Missionary on standby 📣Tireless warrior for all souls 🛐Christian Counselor 🕊End of Life Doula (there’s more!) ⭐️USO 🩸OneBlood Donor - Painless & Priceless 🇺🇸 U.S. Military / Veteran Advocate ⛑CERT ✍️ Writer 🔍Researcher/Critical Thinker 📈Investor 🌲 Pine Tree Farmer 📚Former Educator (I can’t quit!) 🇺🇸 Former DoD Employee (I did quit!) Shoulda been a veterinarian🐾 Coulda been a psychiatrist 🧠 Oughta been an attorney ⚖️ Woulda been a doctor of medicine 🩺 Mighta been a mathematician?! 😱 It is what it is. And it is well! 😊 📌 Disclosure: if I’m in a room, or even speaking in a room, it doesn’t necessarily mean I agree with the room topic. 🙂Please don’t make me a regular room moderator without asking me first. 🤔Actually, please don’t make me anything without asking me first. 💰 My personal finances are just that - my personal finances. And they’re ok. I’m not selling anything and I’m probably not buying anything. 🙏🏼 Fellow Believers, please don’t “sell” God’s Word, His Promises or His Prophecies. Give me “three steps for the door” if this bartering “spontaneously” erupts. I won’t be able to get out of the room fast enough. Connect on CH or @[email protected]