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Victor Olatunde




Helping Businesses Grow and Scale by Providing Top Talents, Technologies and Trainings ... in the areas of Sales, Operations and Growth... Through SalesPlat visit or speak with me on your needs. We work with amazing Tech / Non Tech Brands in continent Join “ Sales and Growth Hub - by Salesplat” Club ____ ____ We are Building Africa’s R&D Investment, Commercialization & StartUp Funding Ecosystem at Tribinnov Africa ( Join Tribinnov Incubator as Founder or Mentor Join Tribinnov’s Innotals as Tech / Engineering Talent or Mentor ___ ___ You can get to Teach Enterpreneurship and Finance to your Kids, get them savings wallet, and grow your own businesses and finances ... with TebsFin App ___ About Me: I’m an innovator who solves high level needed problems with tech I’ve in the last 15 years built solutions (or still have) brands across 💰 Fintech 🚜Food/Agritech ⚙️Manufacturing [Processing Machines] 🩺Health 📖EdTech 🧑‍💻Digital & Hardware Tech skills ⚡️Energy ___ We have a club on Clubhouse: 🏠 Trib_Innov Africa Club For great discussions on Innovations for Africa Join us. ___ ___ I Consult on: - Business funding and Grants Writing My teams have Won over 🏆 $250,000 grants to build impactful solutions for Africa - Also Consults on Sales, Marketing & Distribution in African Markets Presently Serving 200,000 African users ___ ___ Call & 🟢Whatsapp : +2347057799457 or Email: [email protected] Linked In: ___ Feel free to DM as well, let’s have a chat