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Pronounced - you who rah Interdisciplinary Artist Set Decorator for Film/TV Yoga Teacher Proud Mama Plant Lover Black Feminist/Womanist Neurodivergent Book Fairy CH Chat Monster Creator/Director of The Free Black Women’s Library Join me at The Free Black Women’s Library where we explore and discuss Black women’s writing, art, lives and culture. Our Reading Club meets monthly and reads books by Black women and Black non binary folks I am an (extremely) shy nerdy introvert who prefers listening over speaking. Don’t be offended if I don’t speak or come on your stage. 😏 I enjoy conversations about books, art, movies, writing, the expansive nature of Blackness and Black Womanhood. Also herbalism, astrology, parenting, abolition, neurodivergence, liberation, anarchy, mutual aid, collective care, mental health, visual art, gender/sexuality, travel, rituals, art making, permaculture, non-monogamy, friendship, pop culture, fashion and archiving. 👌🏿🎥👩🏾‍🎨📚🌹 Pls don’t make me a moderator for your CH rooms without asking me 😏 - thank you!! Join my Reading Club - details posted on my Instagram.