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Jeremy Greene




Jeremy Greene's company, Pingtank, was hand-selected by Mark Zuckerberg and sheryl Samberg to build Facebook's first facial filters, which are now used by over 3.2 billion people worldwide. He has also built products for other major tech companies including Snapchat, Discord, Streamlabs, and Twitch. Many high-profile celebrities, including Rob Gronkowski, Landon Collins, Ed Reed, and Carmelo Anthony, have invested in his ventures. In 2011, P. Diddy mentored Jeremy when he signed on to Badboy Records. Jeremy has since produced records for numerous artists, including Chris Brown, Usher, Drake, and Sean Kingston. He has also received guidance from tech titans such as Tim Draper, John Lagerling, Mark Pincus, and Bing Gordon. Jeremy's latest company, Fwaygo, is integrated directly into Snapchat as a TikTok competitor. He currently runs a company called NoID, where he represents brands such as G Fuel, Honda, Acura, and Vitapod. Jeremy has also worked with other major brands, including Adidas, Lincoln, David Dobrik, Toyota, and Nike, to name a few.