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Pronounced-“SHAH-HID” I Coach My Clients On How To Uncover Their True Essence and Reprogram Their Subconscious Mind(DeepSelf) For Serious Growth With Calmness 🦸🏽‍♂️You are SUPER! 📲 DM me “DFY Viral Networking Podcast” If you are a Mentor, Coach, Trainer or Consultant and want us to produce your new SHOW to network with your ideal Partners & Clients! Hosting Your Own Show Will Help You: 🔑Build Solid & Long Term Relationships 🔑Become Known 🔑Add Streams of Income with Ease (Tested Strategies To Grow Your Show) About me: ✅Creator & Host of Super Entrepreneurs Podcast|Top 200|Top Rated|250k+D/L ✅Spiritual Entrepreneur ✅Machine Made Carpet Manufacturing ✅Author(Power Of Belief-The Pathway To Success) ✅Business/Personal Growth Mentor ✅9+ Years Online Experience ✅DFY Viral Networking Podcast ✅Frequent Contests/Giveaways ✅A Connoisseur For Multiple Streams Of Income ✅Oh! Also Help You Fund Your Start-Up Some Key Points For Everyone: 🔥Service Attitude 🔥Leave everyone with an Increase 🔥Practice Presence 🔥Operate with a calm mind 🔥Invest In yourself by Hiring Mentors 🔥Have A SUPER GOAL 🔥Min 7 sources of income 🔥Operate From Your Goal Acheived My Goal Is For You To Get Your Goal🎯 Super Entrepreneurs Podcast Guests: 🌟Jeffrey Hayzlett (Celebrity Apprentice) 🌟Chris Van Vliet (4x Emmy Award Winner) 🌟Rob Moore (Mentor To Celebrities) 🌟John Lee Dumas (Podcast Leader) 🌟Dhomonique Murphy (3x Emmy Award Winner) And more..... Featured In: 🏅Yahoo Finance 🏅BuzzFeed 🏅The Hustlers Digest And More.... ————————————————— 📧If you would like to be a guest on my Show, please email our podcast manager Ken at [email protected] ————————————————— Current Brand Sponsorship: promo code SUPERE and get a 4 week trial and a free scale, all your post office needs using your browser ————————————————— ————————————————— Mission to make 10% the new 3%… —————————————————- 𝓢𝓱𝓪𝓱𝓲𝓭 Looking for No Collateral, Zero % Interest Business/Start-up/Real Estate/eCom Funding? DM me IG only🤳