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✝️Believer | 💍Wife | 🤱🏽Mom | 💼Career Woman | 🧳SideHustlepreneur | 👩🏾‍💻Mentor | 🎙Podcast Host 🗽New York (City) Raised 🏛Maryland Paid 🐏VCU Alum B.S 🐴 Stevenson Alum M.S. 🏠🏡 Creator of the Millennial Livin’ Club 📣📣📣FEEL FREE TO NOMINATE OTHERS AND JOIN 🚨Here on Clubhouse to learn, network, and engage in meaningful conversations. 🚨 Rooms I will host will be catered to facilitating discussions that promote growth and are geared toward the betterment of society. Millennial Livin’ Podcast is a lifestyle podcast I created to break down generational barriers of misunderstanding, while showcasing a millennial perspective on living, surviving, and thriving. 🎧Millennial Livin' Podcast can be found on multiple podcast platforms including Apple Podcast, Google cast, and Spotify. You may also listen directly at 🖥MILLENNIALLIVIN.COM