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Igbego Ogwuche




Atmosphere Shifter💫 All because of the Holy Spirit. Tap into the conscious presence of the Holy Spirit and everything around you changes. Saved by Grace 🙏🏾 An intimate relationship with Jesus breaks religious boundaries and limitations. Mother of 3, 2 Kings & 1 Queen | Wife to an Apostle ⛪️ Niaomi anointing 🎖Army of God Ministries Prophetic & Deliverance Ministry. Called to serve. • Catch AOG on Clubhouse every Friday 8:00pm CST Entrepreneur Brand Developer | Strategist | Creative Director 🔌✨ Founder & CEO of Brand & Art. 🖥 Branding & Ad Agency Spiritual Midwife | Birthing Visions ✨The vision must be birthed before the brand is unveiled.✨ Building Brands the Kingdom way. 💰💲BrandnArt Pay Pal: [email protected] 📺YouTube: The Art Of Ochanya Investor 📈 Nigerian Real Estate, The Stock Market, Angel Investor, Kingdom Partner. Communicator 🎙 God speaks, I receive and transmit. Proud Nigerian in the diaspora 🇳🇬🩸 #EndSARS Jeremiah 22:3