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Otis Bonds




Greetings my fellow spiritual beings! I am a sincere well rounded spiritual being that loves to connect ,share , and show good vibes and talk heavy about different states of the universe and its possibilities that are beyond human comprehension! I have gained many different experiences following my way living through to the best of my ability and I look forward to continue ,learning and ,speaking with others to help us all go beyond our limits what ever it may be ! I want to network and connect with: 🧘‍♂️Spiritual Family and spiritual masters and teachers of consciousness and spirit. 🤝💸Digital Marketing Masters 🎮 Gamers and Streamers 🎞Animators/film/game work and voice actors/mentors ✍Story board writing masters 🎵Musically inclined vst users 📈Crypto and Nft Masters List of talents: 📈Slowly but surely Mastering the crypto world 🎩Universal Team Leader that helps and motivate working associates to work as a team to get target objectives accomplished! ❇Digital Sound engineer ✴Currently: Mastering Digital Film Score Orchestral composition 🎮Profesional gamer -Always down for a match on almost any game and connecting With good players PSN:Orbjr87 XBOX:ORBJR87