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Otescia Johnson




Publisher | Author | Coach Founder of the CEO Arise Conference 💰 I made my first $100k from my bedroom using my God-given talents. Now I teach Kingdom Scribes & Entrepreneurs how to do the same! PUBLISHER 👩🏽‍💻 I partner with aspiring authors to publish and market books that entertain, educate, and inspire! BESTSELLING AUTHOR (16 published books) 📖 I wrote a bestselling legal thriller without going to law school or having a large following. Search “Adequate Counsel” on Amazon! SUCCESS COACH 💵 Do NOT contact me if you aren’t ready to make more income, have greater impact, and increase your influence! Members of The Profit Team have: ✅Transitioned to full-time entrepreneurship ✅Solidified their online presence ✅Increased their bottom line ✅Gained support and accountability to reach their goals. ༄𑁍༄𑁍༄𑁍༄𑁍 FUN FACTS ABOUT ME... 🔸My motto is “If I can’t laugh, I’m not going.” 🔹My name is pronounced: O-T-C-Uh 🔸I came from NOTHING and built EVERYTHING! Like seriously... we didn’t have running water. We had a pump on the back porch and an outhouse. And no... I’m not THAT old! 🔹I run on coffee, prayer, and cute shoes. Grab a FREE resource to help you craft your personal bio: 🌐 Learn more at: