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Nrgy ⚡️(my real name is pronounced energy) Keynote Speaker - Coach - Author - Mediator “The Self-Mastery Coach” “The Single Parents’ Coach” 💡It’s my mission to SPEAK LIFE into the world (I’m often in “Listening Mode” so feel free to DM me for any questions) “As a Transformational Keynote Speaker & Coach, I work with High Achievers to Master their Mind, Master their Emotions, and Master their Assignment, so that they can Live Their Purpose and Live On Purpose” Join my NEW CH club ♣️🏡: 👉🏽 Nrgy Speaks Life 👈🏽 ————————————————— Certified Life/Relationship Coach: • High Achievers “The Self-Mastery Coach” & owner of Nrgy Speaks Life • Single Fathers & Single Mothers “The Single Parents’ Coach” & owner of The Single Parents’ Network ————————————————— Mediation & Arbitration: • Court Registered Civil Mediator & Arbitrator … personal injury … property damage … tenant-landlord/real estate … employer-employee … business-customer • Court Registered Family & Divorce/ Domestic Relations Mediator & Arbitrator … separation or divorce … child custody/parenting time/ visitation … child support … domestic relations … property division … alimony CONNECT W/ME: 📍Atlanta, Ga 👇🏾 🎙 Podcast Host: “Nrgy Speaks Life” (currently accepting guest speakers for slots in 2023…DM me) 🎙 Podcast Host: “The Single Parents’ Network” 🖥 YouTube: Nrgy Speaks Life 🌐 Website: NrgySpeaksLife(dot)com 🌐 Website: CoachNrgy(dot)com 📲 DM or email me for coaching & speaking inquiries NrgySpeaksLife(at) 🗣 Open to being a guest speaker on your podcast as well ✳️ Connect w/me to co-moderate your next room • “I’m not just a believer, I’m a follower of Christ” - Nrgy • “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” Proverbs‬ ‭4:23‬ ‭