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Natasha Pearl Hansen




🎙Comedian MY COMEDY SPECIAL is out on Amazon and AppleTV: “I Was Supposed To Get Married Today” 🙌🏽 (link on IG) 👊🏾CEO + Founder of @mybreakupregistry *payments on Clubhouse go to fueling My Break-Up Registry LLC* 🎧 Podcast Host @futurerolemodel 🎭 Actress 🎬 Producer 💻 Tech Entrepreneur ✈️ Explorer < future pilot 👩🏽‍✈️> 💰 @NPHcomedy $NPHcomedy Natasha Pearl Hansen is a Second City Chicago alumni and and an internationally touring standup comedian and actress for over a decade, recently touring with the Armed Forces (before the world broke). NPH is a former author for Men’s Health Magazine, she was a semi-finalist in NBC's playground pilot writing competition in 2015, and she is currently shopping a TV series based on her life with her team at Black Box Management. Get to know her on her podcast “Future Role Model” where she highlights creatives and creative entrepreneurs failures that led to successes. Her first comedy special "I Was Supposed To Get Married Today..." will be dropping early 2021 with Comedy Dynamics, self produced and performed by NPH on her canceled wedding day. Being a complete tech and branding nerd, Natasha has created and curated her own comedy tours for nearly six years, partnering with brands and creating integrated brand relationships for tour partnerships, leading her to yearly solo sold-out shows in unique places such as St Croix island, and a tour across Scotland, England, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Spain and Italy in 2019. After working with one of her former partners at Tech Crunch in San Francisco in October of 2019, Natasha began working on her own startup, shortly following her 9-year split from her fiancé. My Break-Up Registry (, headed by NPH as Founder and CEO, will launch in tandem with her comedy special drop in April 2021. My Break-Up Registry is a crowdfunding, item and experience registry platform as well as a resource center for people going through break-ups. Email [email protected] for information on investing and tech inquiries. Find her everywhere @NPHcomedy.