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Pastor Jeff Speaks 🗣 I Inspire Hope - I’m a Hope Dealer The King of Room Resets Master Moderator ✳️| Inspirational Speaker | Real Estate Investor | Certified Marriage / Relationship Consultant Pastor | Teacher | Author | Army Veteran | NLP Practitioner | Coach Pastor Jeff is a certified marriage and relationship facilitator, certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy practitioner, certified Mindset and Breakthrough Coach Are you ready to move from the space of victim to a place of victory? DM me ”INSPIRE” to learn how. Facilitator / Master of Room Reset Your Room Hasn’t Been Reset Until It is reset by the King of Room Reset, Pastor Jeff God has taken me from poverty to prosperity, from molestation to mastery, from broken to builder, from abused to affirming, from cancer to coach, from empty to entrepreneur, from PTSD to creating SEE’s, (Significant Emotional Events) Teaching people how to - Purchase Real Estate with No or Bad Credit 🌠Growing Real Estate Portfolio 📚My Book: Conversations with God from the War in Afghanistan. On Amazon 💒 My Church Historic Hosannah Missionary Baptist Church. On Facebook ____________________________________ My Story: Through the grace of God and hard work I overcame the challenges of poverty, an abusive childhood, military trauma, and cancer twice to build several business, Property Preservation, Audio/Video Rental Store and Real Estate Investment My passion is teaching others to empower themselves and take control of their lives. Please DM me to get: The 10 Tips To Maximize Your Relationship or Marriage 💵Cash App: $ISolveYourProblem @[email protected]