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I follow everyone back! Lets Connect ‼️❤️🔥🎵NEW SINGLE-DUALITY Featuring JFif available on apple music Stream stream stream ALBUM- Villintine’s Day Available Right Now on All streaming platforms!!!! Notorious_VonnaC X Villin UR WORLD 🌎UR VOICE 🌍UR NETWORK ✊🏾 ✳️Moderator✳️ Hit the 🔔 keep your vibrations high Writing our true history! Help us pave the way for the future through true and accurate diction of our history in the Americas. Currently creating a true history of North America and seeking historians, enthusiasts and anyone looking to partner in a true history for our people. 🔴MC 🔴Song writer 🔴Singer 🔴Entrepreneur 🌳💸and 🟢 Motherhustler ‼️❤️🔥🎵NEW ALBUM- Villintine’s Day Available Right Now Everywhere Music!!! Notorious_VonnaC Co-owner of Motherhustlers Inc. Co-owner of Medibles By MH Invest in me, invest in us. Follow me on instagram @notorious_vonnac ❤️😘 @mother_hustlersinc😌🌎 🟢CASHAPP🟢 $ChavonnaBigham $Motherhustlersllc Edibles and events ! Connect with me! 🛑Subscribe On youtube Notorious_vonnac Motherhustlers Podcast Podcast available on all streaming platforms ‼️ See me shine🤩☀️