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Devin Stanfield




📍HTX | ATL | INTERNET 💻 I work on the internet and mind my business for the most part. 🙇🏾‍♀️I listen more than I talk, but when I talk, it’s worth a listen. 🤔Ever curious. I’m here to learn. 🌐 notesfromdevin on socials and gmail. 💰Fintech B-Corp Co-op professional building the world I want to live, work, earn, and spend in. ✊🏾Let’s talk about the movement. 📈 Tablero Analytics for your GA4, online performance reporting, and data-backed digital strategy needs. 🤝Currently accepting new clients. 📚 Boss B!tch Bookclubbing with all the bibliophile baddies. Join the club! 📖 Currently reading: (rereading) Toni Morrison’s catalogue