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Norman Farrar




Vision, Growth & Profit Strategist | Let’s Talk  * Lunch With Norm - The Amazon FBA and E-commerce Podcast Host The podcast helps Amazon and e-commerce sellers navigate the online world and generate more profit. * I Know This Guy - Podcast Host The podcast digs into the struggles, successes, and stories of interesting people from all walks of life. * Private Label Legion & The Centurion League - Co-Owner A mix of accessible interaction, tons of content, and an exclusive community fro Amazon and online sellers. * AMZ.Club - CEO & President A full service Amazon managed service agency for 7 and 8 figure eCommerce/Amazon sellers. * prREACH Communications - CEO & Co-Owner A full service marketing communication company for Amazon and e-commerce sellers ranging from public relations, press releases, content marketing * HONU Worldwide Inc. - CEO & Co-Founder A full service sourcing, logistics and 3PL servicing the Amazon and e-commerce community * The Chat Agency - CEO & Co-Founder A full service chat marketing agency which allows Amazon sellers to launch and rank profitably while building an influencer and brand ambassador network 38612 CONTACT ME: [email protected]