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Noor Al-Hajri




"I... a universe of atoms, an atom in the universe." Curious. Engineer. Computer Scientist. Neophyte. Lifelong Student. MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Survivor. Proponent of: Education. Internet. Innovation. Equity. Talk to me about: History. Technology. Entrepreneurship. Startups. Venture Capital. Human Behaviour. Infosec. Languages. Mastery. Philosophy. The Intersection of Art & STEM. Psychology. Longevity. Advertising. Film. Science communication. Friendly Nerds and more. 🌍 (First CH User from 🇧🇭, the Gulf) 📍 Arabian Peninsula, Middle East, Asia Gulf cocktail: (Bahrain — Saudi Arabia — UAE) 🇧🇭🇸🇦🇦🇪 ‎نور الهاجري 💡Pronunciation: Rhymes with "-neur" in "Entrepreneur" or "newer" "No - or" "No - er" Clubs I founded: • MENA Majlis • Quirky Questions • Cinema Club. Clubs I administrate: • Human Behaviour with Dr. Sohaib • Secret Society with Florian Strauss • India Club with Natasha Malhi 🔗 DM for collaborations or to connect