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Abdullah Al-Brooklyni




1) ☭ ☭ ☭ 2) Scheming and Deening 3) 🇰🇵🇯🇲✊🏾 4) Free 🇸🇩 5)There are no safe spaces where I am 6)Currently crowdfunding for her mehr 7)G4B 8)United Shari’ah Socialist Republics 9)Viva Oromiya 10)If you flirt with me I’m blocking you 11)✨Hoe scarer extraordinaire✨ 12) 13)If you a .ali I’m modding you 14)🍌🌳🙏🏾👯‍♀️ 15)PanAfrikanism or perish 16)Don’t flirt with w. ali 17)If you see me in a room ask me if I prayed on time 18)$rashaomar 19)Anti white 20)4’10 1/2, Nubian, semi-bearded 113-57-1235 📍176 Fulton street