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Samy Jay




Nourishment On Me = Nourishment On You As I Receive, I Give 🌱Living by the ethos that as we nourish our own minds bodies and souls we can in turn nourish each other by showing up as the best versions of ourselves. 🌿All NOMNOY products, services and spaces purchased include meal donations to the Million Meals Movement to nourish others 💫We are our only limitation so Live your best life - it’s in your hands💫 🍁Hosting Weekday Daily Drop in on zoom starting 9.30am BST A Positive Way to Start Your Day Meeting ID 828 340 9006 Password Happy ⭐️Founder of the NOMNOY Initiative 🍽Million Meals Movement Founder 🔮Certified Crystal Practitioner 😇Angelic Reiki Master ❤️Self-Love Motivator 🙌🏾Youth Development Coach 🏘Property Sales Expert specialising in new build and regentrification 🗣Public Speaker and Trainer 🚴🏽‍♀️Spinning Instructor