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Nola Simon




I’ve worked for 5 different corporations, 2 of them global, over the last two decades. I’ve developed extensive business acumen and experienced lots of change. At my last employer, I pioneered hybrid work at my last employer and have worked some version of hybrid/remote since 2012. It changed my life. The secret to hybrid work is intention. Communication matters - it requires listening, asking great questions, establishing trust and psychological safety. Flexibility and a willingness to experiment and adjust course is the way to build effective culture and process. Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to implement hybrid work and engage employees. I blog and host a podcast, The Janus Oasis. I also go live on LinkedIn every Friday at 10 am Eastern to tell these stories. Soon I will be appearing on other podcasts - DM me if you’d be interested in chatting on your podcast. About me personally? I am the TM in STEM - I have a degree in math and I'm a passionate early adopter of technology. The future of work will be about integrating work into life - I believe that passionately. The future is hybrid - happier and healthier employees are key to successful companies. My specialties: #hybridwork #remotework #virtualfirst #thefutureofwork#leadership #employeeengagement I study meditation, storytelling, digital branding, social media, gamification, psychological safety, reinvention, employee advocacy and futures thinking. Learning is essential for me but the magic is in the action. I attract smart, funny people who like to challenge the status quo. I’m the person companies call when they need clarity and a plan. Work with me: Wait list until March 2022. Gallup Strengths Finder: Strategic, Ideation, Futuristic, Learner, Intellection 🎙📝🧐✋🗣✨💫🌟🤩👩‍🦳🤪📢🔋🦮🐾