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Nolan Rollins




Cofounder:📈 StocSavvy, ⚖️ ProSeGo Law, 👗GigiHunterCollection, 💵Pivotal Advisors FMR CEO: ⚖️ LA & NOLA Urban League,💰PowerMovesUSA, ✈️ Chairman of New Orleans Airport Board, Member LA Airport Commission 🗣Global Speaker & Lecturer (Oxford, UCLA,USC) ✍🏾 Writing a book & Published Author 🏆 3X LA’s 500 Most Influential People ⚗️Science & 🚀Space Nerd 🦍Alpha Phi Alpha 💡PHA Mason 🇬🇧🇺🇸 British American Project Fellow 🎓Virginia State University (HBCU)• University of Baltimore • ⚖️Florida Costal School of Law 📍LA✈️NOLA✈️BMORE 🔗 🔗