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I help people overcome their self-created crap without the self-help fluffy bullshit! #NoExcusesCoach 💼 #ProfessionalSpeaker 🎤 #ShowHost 🎤 #Consultant 💼 Please check out my club “Raw & Unscripted” Works With: ✔️ Executives and business owners ✔️ Entrepreneurs ✔️ Coaches ✔️ Sales teams ✔️ Elite sports people ✔️ Leaders in communities ✔️ At-Risk Youth Book YOUR complimentary Strategy Session today: ❤️ Proud loving dad of the most amazingly beautiful son who gives my life massive meaning beyond what I could have ever comprehended!! Former homeless 7th grade dropout who journeyed thru hell to earn a Masters degree and fulfilling his dream to change lives! 🔥 VP Marketing/Communications 🔥 ⚡️REINVENT Your Life ⚡️EMPOWER Your POTENTIAL ⚡️EXCEL To New Dimensions My Podcasts/Shows: 📻 Raw & Unscripted w/Christopher Rausch 📻 The UnFiltered Experience Show 📻 Rainbows & Real Talk I’ve earned a reputation for straight talk, no-bullshit delivery, and a ‘No Excuses’ philosophy and has become a passionate and outspoken advocate for accelerated productivity be that individually or at an organisational level. I’m known as THE UNSTOPPABLE ‘No Excuses’ coach, speaker, workshop facilitator, retreat leader who’s life apprenticeship of victim to victor is nothing short of miraculous and surely inspiring! Today, as an international keynote speaker, I love captivating and enthralling audiences with my story and then empowering them to accept what life has presented, embrace change and take action – personally & professionally. My commitment and credibility are indisputable as I so obviously live my message! I excel as a transformative leader with over 20+ years of expertise in leadership, management, and mindset mastery skills that propel companies and its people to the next level of success. Passionate about boosting team morale and developing a company culture that rocks ——————————————————- YouTube: LinkedIn: