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Noel Walton




Commercial Multifamily Investor 🎯⚡️ Retired Army Aviation Officer 🚁 Co-Founder of ‘The Joint Chiefs of Real Estate’.🇺🇸 Invested in 550 units💥 We create passive income opportunities in Apartment Syndications and give back to assist homeless and struggling Veterans. I can help you invest in real estate completely hands off! If you are: 💥Deployed or stationed overseas 💥Foreign service 💥High income earner with little free time 💥Tired of dealing with the headaches of rentals and tenants We want to partner. Let’s connect! 💪🏻 Email: [email protected] Download your Free Passive Investor Guide: My story: 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Husband to an awesome Austrian 🇦🇹 and Father to two amazing bilingual daughters! ☕️ Coffee Lover 🚁✈️ Dual Rated Pilot 🪂 Skydiver 💪🏻Autoimmune Warrior 📚Voracious Reader