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Andreas Dorn




NLP Mindset Coach | Hypnotist | Inner Strategies for Success l Free Online Course 👍 "Attract Success Into Your Life”👍 _________________________________ Join “The Mind Mastery” Club on Clubhouse _______________________________ Procrastination, perfectionism, anxiety, stress, the feeling of not being good enough, and not making it, the harsh reality of not getting your message across, broken relationships – All this is stuff inside of your mind and based on “programmes running inside your brain”. I have trained myself to help you break free from this frustrating feeling of being “stuck”, facilitate you to free your mind and help you to create your life and career that you desire. I have been studying the mysterious workings of the Mind since 2003 and for over 9,000 hours. Today, I am a …. ✅ Certified NLP Trainer ✅ Hypnosis &Hypnotherapy Master Trainer ✅ Certified NLP Master Coach Trainer ✅ The Language and Behavior Profile (Words That Change Minds) ✅ Master Timeline Therapy Techniques Trainer About Me I came to Malaysia in 1993 to work with the UNDP at the Prime Minister’s Department.  After falling in love with country, people, food, I decided to stay in Asia and subsequently worked in Indonesia, and Singapore in leading corporate roles. In 2003, and during HR Consulting Assignments, I realized that it takes more than just talk to help people make changes in their life. And when I came across NLP, I knew that this is the starting point to a new career and a live mission to help people have a fulfilled, purposeful and happy life. Life is about personal and professional growth. If this all appeals to you, get in touch with me now by simply sending an email to [email protected]. _________________________________ 🌟DM me on IG to connect