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Vivian C.




I Am ⭐️ Wisdom Keeper | Soul Healer | Environmental Sustainability Architect | Forest Food I Guide ✨ Ascension Activation | Universe Alignment | Soul Syllabus | Relationship Harmonisation | Land Shamanism | Universe Blueprint 🔑What if I told you I can answer your questions about the Universe, will you walk with me? ——————————————————————— 🌕 Nimue Sanctuary is a place where Wisdom Keepers reside. A place where it is safe to ask the hard questions. A place where it is safe to explore your most authentic self. To face you as you are. It is a space of remembrance, a space of understanding why you are here. It is a journey of a lifetime, where only you can see the magic. ——————————————————————— “I had to sit down when I listened to her, I burnt my toast!” “The most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me on CH.” “I cried during Vivian’s poem reading... it was so beautiful.” “She gives you keys to open your fridge to see the contents for yourself.” “The information centre of the Universe.” “The transmutation of grief was very powerful in that room, how did you do that? Extraordinary. I’ve never experienced anything like that.” “Flawlessly transitioning between different knowledge levels.” “Your poems are like prescriptions.” “power plant of positivity and love” “You are a love church, that’s what you are” “Cosmic chatgpt”