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Nikhil Bhaskaran




📌Me📌 -AI+IoT Entrepreneur and community leader. -One of 40 global innovators selected by ARM. -Deep techie who speaks common man’s lingo and always happy to help. -was @ MIT Boston for Designing Efficient Deep Learning Systems -8 years in Shenzhen,China running a hardware design company and leading developer & startup communities -Mozilla Community lead for Shenzhen (2013-2016) -Better at doing , than communicating Connect for : AI 🧠/ AI on edge / Computer Vision🧠+👀 / IoT /Startup community👥/China🇨🇳 /Hardware Design🛠/ Community learning and projects in AI & IoT 👀Know more : websites👀 - Non Profit Skilling Community for AI & IoT - low code Embedded Os . -Projects to learn together and hire from : Ps: Crypto 💰Crypto 💰Crypto💰 I know too little about crypto but put here to wave the smart folks from crypto space who can tell me new trendy things :)