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✨Clinical & Soul Sexologist harnessing sexual energy to move trauma and create deep intimacy & connection with our existence for 22 🌍 years(in this incarnation) With a profound intimacy with plantcestors, animal medicine, fungi, and breathwork, I enjoy merging ancient wisdom with modern practices & explore the alignment between Entheogenic and Orgasmic Travel Join My Club Sexual Energy Daily - SxED click the 1st club icon at the bottom of my profile. Sacred Medicine Integration Polyvagal Informed Kink Informed Trauma Informed 🍄🐸: Traveler & Guide ✨Touchless Orgasm Teacher 🤲🏾 Reiki Practitioner Ayurveda Student 🛫 Naturopathic Physician My Offerings So Far: 🗣Sexual Energy & … In an effort to normalize how we use our aroused life force energies and their relationship to our bodies; we will discuss practical sex and life happenings and how these energies play the part in expression. 🌀MMM Sessions: Self Pleasuring Meditation An invitation to explore the nuance of our aroused energies for deliberate creation. Let us explore our language, patterns and embodied emotional signatures connected to our cosmic existence. 🌀Body Intimacy for Primordial Re•Membering 👁 Sacred Play 👑Orgasmic Living ✨Ordained Minister 🍯 DM me for collaborations, medicine ceremony, exploration in cultural impact bonds, cultural competence conversation(join the club), Radical Love, philosophy, Orgasm paralleling psychedelic experience, love, relational anarchy, and death. Pisces 🌞 Virgo 🌝 Sagittarius ⬆️ Ancient 🧑🏾‍🦳 She/They Global Citizen 📍Currently US Midwest (Brooklyn Born via Jamaica & Haiti) Cashapp: $nikkiexperience