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◈ Creative Director & Artist 🌪 Based between London, Berlin, Paris & Düsseldorf ________ ⛓ Currently writing lyrics and recording ⛓ music + collaborating with producers. ⛓🎙🏴‍☠️ Dark, Alternative/Indie/Rock My other ongoing project is a plant-based Breakfast & Afternoon Tea Room in Düsseldorf, Germany that is opening soon. I’m currently also working on re-branding and redesigning the Boutique Hotel that the Tea Room will be based in. 🌱🫖 _____ 🎙🖤 JOIN MY CLUBS: ‘GENUINE CONVERSATIONS’ 🔈🗯👁‍🗨🗝 It’s the 2̲n̲d̲ square at the bottom of my profile. It’s a club where we host safe rooms to connect & share experiences so we can learn from each other and our individual journeys. ‘VAMPIRES ANONYMOUS’ 🧛🏻‍♀️🩸🧛🏼‍♂️⚰️ It’s the 4̲t̲h̲ square at the bottom of my profile. Late night conversations for insomniacs [and/or lovers of a dark aesthetic]. Inclusive rooms on various topics. ____ Previously worked in ❖ SOCIAL MEDIA (Collaborations, Design and Concept as an Influencer & for other Creatives) ❖ FASHION (Styling, Brand Development, Publishing, Creative Direction + Graphics) ❖ EVENTS (as a Creative & Influencer) ❖ FILM (TV and Feature production, Direction of Fashion Film/Music Videos) ❖ MUSIC (Styling for Red Carpet, Videos, Creative Direction, Social Media Concepts, Promotion via Social Media) Here to connect with fellow creatives and chat about projects, interesting topics and support and uplift each other. Feel free to get in touch via INSTAGRAM below. ✉️ work enquiries: [email protected] Languages 🇬🇧 EN 🇩🇪 DE 🇪🇸 ES 🇷🇺 RU 🧷 [She / Her] ☉ ♊︎ Gemini ☾ ♐︎ Sagittarius ↑ ♑︎ Capricorn Enneagram 7w6, so7