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Niki Baltimore




💬 Discord :: Niki Baltimore#0253 Here to learn + contribute where I can. More than that, I’m currently learning about NFTs, entrepreneurship, + how to use my voice for causes bigger than myself. I like good humans a whole lot. And really enjoy a wide array of creative pursuits. I appreciate a barefoot stroll in the dewy grass or warm sand. And I’m always looking toward the sky. The Jersey breeze is everything in the summer. Just like a solid slow jam or live concert where the energy is palpable. Speaking of energy, that’s been a big part of my personal relationship with my soul work. I practice Reiki, meditation, yin yoga, Akashic records, creative writing, dance, among droppin an expressive f’bomb. All of which, serve as conduits for moving my energy to bring about my inner peace. I believe we all have such special gifts in us, but it’s our job to see another’s. Hope to see you around. - Nik ✨ PS: Currently hosting rooms in the Let’s VeeFriends Clubhouse. 🪴 It’s that second box from the left. ↙️