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Thao Lan




🐮 Thao, like 🐄 with a “T” or “Tao” 👩‍👧‍👦 Wellness Mompreneur Mentor 🖖 Muscular “Witch Dr” Owner of Push Muscular Restoration Find me on FB @ Tao to Health. Email: [email protected] Sometimes, it isn’t easy being an adult. Sometimes, you’re not sure what to eat, or what to do for a workout, or even how to motivate yourself... And that’s OKAY. Let me introduce myself, I’m Thao Lan 😁 I'm a mom of 4, a wife to 1, and a Muscular Therapist by trade (I work on athletes and people with chronic pain issues). I’m from the tiny state of Ma, and am so blessed to raise my family in such a diverse community. I'm a fixer of issues...a natural problem solver, and I love helping people. You have an issue? Let me help you. You have goals? I got you. Let’s brainstorm 😆 I can’t help it! I’m a massive fan of seeing people I care for succeed. Are you ready to join me?