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Nicole Gainey




I experienced my very own life-death perception from outside of my physical body. I became a witness to my own unconscious state and a heightened consciousness at the same time. I stood at the edge of death when I experienced a NDE after a fall. Afterwards being diagnosed with PCS - Post Concussion Syndrome after losing my short term memory and having to retrain my brain my life changed forever. I basically was rewired. Recovering and living with a brain injury is life changing. 🧠❤️ Love came to meet me as it will also do with every single one of you. I woke back up to a richer reality which at times seemed to be almost unimaginable. Experiencing physical death was the beginning of my transition. I began experiencing a reflective consciousness from a waking dream state to a higher-dimensional reality or maybe a reality entirely outside the realm of space and time. The healing energy from art and writing has been my saving grace. It has helped me to heal from my brain injury. It has allowed me to share my experiences through my expressive words and art. As I continue allowing myself to create shape in various forms I continue healing to the place of wholeness. Near Death Experience & Consciousness What I’ve Learned... ❇️Short term memory loss taught me that there is beauty in forgetting. ❤️ ❇️Decluttering Your Soul is a must. ❇️ I don’t need eyes to see I need my soul. Art 🖼 🎨❤️ Art is where my soul is at right now.🥰 💫experiencer 💫artist 🎨 💫writer ✍️ 💫seer 👀 💫soul friend 💫reiki master 💫Akashic records reader 💫intuitive 💫empath 💫soul-coaching 💫spiritualgifting 💫untwistingenergy 📚 Books 🇺🇸