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Nicole Bendayan




Cycle-Syncing Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Business Owner 🌶 🌹Engage | Connect | Synchronize 🌹 I have a drive to help women balance hormones and THRIVE through Cycle-Syncing their nutrition, fitness & lifestyle 💃🏻 I create individualized in depth nutrition programs but also love to share value freely! ✨DM me “CLUBHOUSE” for a lil’ freebie! 📚I believe the way to change the world is through education. I’m always open to sharing my knowledge and would love to learn from you too! ABOUT ME: 🌶I love to talk about all things nutrition, wellness, hormones, spirituality. 🚀I embrace change, enjoy connecting with other humans and traveling the world. 💥I’ve caught this entrepreneurial fire and want to build businesses that will positively impact others. Los Angeles + Toronto