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Nicola Toner




❤️Business Planning Expert and Crowdfunding Project Manager. I’m one quarter of Open Network International (find the club and join!) I also run The Unstoppable Success Squad (Head to my linktree to join) All my socials are here - I’m a business planning route to market consultant and crowdfunding expert, check out my website (link below👇) 🚀I have a long history of creating business plans that skyrocket your business🚀 Im from the UK 🇬🇧 but I live in Spain, 🇪🇸 my 25+ year career I’ve worked for companies like Twinings 🫖, Douwe Egberts ☕️ and the Sara Lee Corp 🧁 and managed clients like John Lewis, Roachchef and BHS. For the last 13 years I’ve been self employed as a consultant and I’ve worked all over the world, from Dubai 🇦🇪 to Indiana 🇺🇸 I know that at the moment everyone is concentrating on the sexy bits of running a business, Facebook likes and insta followers, but nobody really emphasizes the need for a proper business plan. 📈📊📉 Did you know that a business with a proper plan, that actively tracks its business against the plan will grow 30% faster than a business without a plan?📉📊📈 I help small businesses with no business or marketing planning experience to give them the tools to grow and make planning properly become routine. No “get rich quick” schemes without substance here, just a marketing and business degree and a lot of experience working with household names and a seriously strong background in getting results. Find me at the #UKBusinessOwnersLounge every weekday at 9am and the FB group of the same name!