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✨hello you gorgeous being of light ✨ i am nicole…. ✨writer & poet of the cosmos, ✨teacher of spirituality & consciousness ✨energetic practitioner, akashic reader, ✨psychic, medium, channel & mystic ✨here to change the world, one heart at a time 🤍💫 💫 I am here on clubhouse to help you see how amazing you are 💫 💫 click through to my instagram to see what I’m about and book your call 📞 👑we have our upcoming miracle earth 🌎 retreat booked for bali in november! click through to my instagram to find out more! 🍰✨ 💫 for gratitudes and for those who wish to give thanks - 💸 🤍 qualified fine dining chef with vegan/vegetarian background 🤍 have studied & have qualifications in- -nutrition & wellness -metaphysics & consciousness -psychology -philosophy -hypnotherapy & nlp -akashic records -ancient wisdom & medicines -usui reiki & quantum reiki (1,2 & master for both) -training & teaching forever the student, learning everyday 🤍 about me - 🍦I love surfing big waves, longboarding, chocolate icecream, belly laughs, swearing and general tomfoolery, and sometimes all of these in the same day ✨ one of the originals ✨ 🐚🧜‍♀️☀️ 💫my ideas, thoughts and channels are sacred transmissions I do not give permission for any of my words to be reused without my written permission 💫 to stay in contact with me, or to see what I am up to, jump over to my website - look out for the nicole loving earth podcast wherever you listen to yours… connect with me on instagram- or email [email protected] and remember, I love you 🤍