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Nick Champagne




✨Visionary. Investor. Advisor. Creator. 🤝Ultra-Connector 💰🦾💡 💫Purpose driven entrepreneur 🫐Enthusiast TEAMWORK: WE = WELLNESS I = ILLNESS 💭”Lead and LIVE by example!” Create a life and lifestyle that doesn’t require a vacation from! ✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️ ✨ABUNDANCE ROOM✨ Intentions & Incantations 💫 ✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️ Previous guests and attendees: -Charlie Walk -Jay Abraham -Tim Storey -Ryan Blair -Adrian Grenier -Natalia Benson 💰💰Ventures and investments: @statusluxurygroup 🛥💎🛩 @GIARAcapital 💰✅🚀 @champagneventures 💡💰💵 @juiceboxorg ✨❤️📚 @vaxxinity 💉🦠🩸w/ @peterdiamandis @abra_global 💵💰📈 w/ @billbar @kinrgy 💪🏽💦💃🏼 w/ @juliannehough @zazzyspizza 🍕🍕🍕 & Various Real Estate Endeavors 🏘🏢🚀 Blockchain enthusiast Three favorite words: -Synchronicity -Manifestation -Delicious Be a “doer” instead of a “tryer”. 💰💰 Adjust and pivot quickly when necessary. My is primary business in luxury travel, experiences and hospitality. 2020 was an ideal time to regroup and adjust to launch into the Roaring 20s! The best is yet to come! 🚀🚀 *When you’re ready to travel the world and have the best experiences life has to offer, you call us! 📚Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership. 🔥Unique and amazing experiences lead to lasting memories and great stories! 📙I’m fortunate and grateful to have many. 💭Leading by example to help others break generational curses and create wealth and legacy through financial literacy 💰Manifest & Invest. WinterThrive. GIARA. 💵Champagne Ventures. ✈️I curate relationships and experiences. 💭We must write our own stories otherwise someone else will! ❤️✨🚀 🚀Growth Mindset. (Abundance) 🚀Think BIG and Play BIG! ✈️Travel often. 🔥Enjoy life. 🦂Scorpio Season all year 🥂Celebrate wins. 🚀Learn from challenges. 🍾Drink Champagne. 💫Give back! 🤓Quantum Physics ❤️💫🍾🥂🚀✨✈️🕯✅ Books contributing to my success: The Secret - Rhonda Byrne The Success Principles - Jack Canfield Mindset - Carol Dweck Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill The EOS Life - Gino Wickman Super Attractor - Gabby Bernstein Magic Words - Genevieve Davis The Science of Getting Rich - W D Wattles Mind to Matter - Dawson Church Homeless to Billionaire - Andres Pira “Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it” Dave Masur - 1996/1997 St John’s University Men’s Soccer Coach who took an unranked team to win the D1 NCAA National Championship