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Nick Bilton




Special Correspondent and investigative reporter for Vanity Fair, writing about technology, politics, business and culture. Previously, he was a columnist for The New York Times for over a decade, a CNBC contributor, and host of the Vanity Fair podcast, Inside the Hive. He has written three books, including The New York Times bestsellers, HATCHING TWITTER, about the chaotic backstabbing founding and rise of Twitter, and, AMERICAN KINGPIN, which tells the true story of the hunt to find the Dread Pirate Roberts, the genius savant who founded The Silk Road marketplace that sold guns, drugs and poison on the dark web. Nick's first film, FAKE FAMOUS, which he wrote and directed, premiered on HBO this week, and is a social experiment meant to show how ridiculous and fake influencer culture really is. He is currently adapting Hatching Twitter as a TV show for Peacock. American Kingpin is being adapted into a movie by the Coen brothers and Steven Zaillian for Fox. His articles on Theranos, written for Vanity Fair, was the basis for the THE INVENTOR documentary for HBO. And he has several other films in the works which he has written at Amazon and Warner Bros. He has no idea why he wrote this entire bio in the third person.