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Nichole Banks




Transformation Life Coach for 2nd Act Women, its time to gain self confidence and overcome your fears! 💫REAL TALK: I facilitate engaging workshops for women just like YOU, women who want a clear strategy (Action STEPS & Accountability) so they’re overcoming FEARS and gaining self confidence, putting themselves first, and feel supported and a part of a community. 🎉 You don’t have to do it alone anymore! 🦸🏻‍♀️ MY SUPER POWER: Holding people accountable is love ❤️ when I hold YOU accountable - I’m saying, “You’re capable of playing a bigger game!” 🌍 💫My book 📚"The 2nd Act Formula" is to release this Spring 2023‼️ 💫I lead a local Meetup group of over 650 women who adventure out to the local hiking 🥾, biking 🚴🏻‍♀️, and walking🚶🏻‍♀️ trails we may even sneak some fruit 🍷 in here and there. 💫 🎙 Motivational Speaker who adds laughter and straight talk when she’s giving her signature talks; “The second Act Formula” and “Dare to begin, removing the “I can’t” out of your life.” 💫Travel 🧭 🗺 is my Love language, we make time for everything else why not ourselves? Putting YOU first is always first so we then have the energy to take on everything else we do especially Travel! ✈️ 🕶 🩴 🌴 💫With my successful coaching practice I bring women together to collaborate, empower and support as they become leaders in their own industries and in their own lives becoming the best of themselves. 💫Second Act Formula ~Putting yourself first! Next one ☝️starts 🔜‼️ 🤷🏻‍♀️What are you waiting for? 💫And if you’re still reading this, check out the podcast I host on your favorite podcast platform! My Accountability Partner. ♣️🏠 Click the ↗️🔔 so you will get notifications when I go LIVE!! 🚨 Cheering 📣 for YOU, Nichole 💫Let’s Connect on Instagram 💫 👇🏼